Capture, Measure, Manage Smart Water Technology Solutions

We help tackle water utility challenges head-on to deliver incredible levels of customer service, improve revenue and usage accountability, address the challenges of Non-Revenue Water (NRW), and empower ratepayers to become better, more proactive stewards of water.

The Tools You Need For Accurate, Fast, Easy Municipal Water Monitoring

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Meter Software and Apps

Harmony MDM Enterprise™ Software

Empowering utilities and consumers, Harmony MDM Enterprise™ is an advanced Meter Data Management Software. It enables efficient water meter asset management and consumption analysis. Compatible with major AMI networks, Harmony complements existing software systems. Leveraging Microsoft® Azure™ cloud, it offers an intuitive user experience for data management and analysis. Harmony integrates with billing systems, Customer Information Systems (CIS), Asset Management, and GIS Software, adding value to water utilities. Take control of conservation efforts with Harmony and My Water Advisor portal.

My Water Advisor™ Personal Water Consumption Monitoring Portal & App

My Water Advisor™ is a personal portal and app designed to empower customers with real-time water consumption information. With My Water Advisor, customers can monitor usage, perform comparative analyses, and receive leak alerts. This self-serve platform puts the power of water management in customers' hands, reducing billing complaints and promoting conservation efforts. Take control of your water usage with My Water Advisor, your gateway to informed conservation.

Flowmeters and Multijet Meters

Sonata Residential Ultrasonic

Sonata Residential Ultrasonic is Master Meter's advanced solid-state measurement solution, revolutionizing flow measurement. With an improved turn-down ratio and a patented flow tube design, Sonata ensures accurate readings and reduces head loss. Sonata, along with Octave C&I, forms the only solid-state meter family built on a unified technology platform. Experience the precision and efficiency of Sonata Residential Ultrasonic.

Octave Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The Octave Ultrasonic Flowmeter masters non-revenue water (NRW) and large usage accountability. With a best-in-class turndown ratio as high as 1000:1, the Octave’s wide flow range is among the highest available for any solid-state C&I meter on the market. With FM Approval available on all sizes, the Octave was designed to be the single meter of choice for all of your C&I metering applications, including apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, wellheads, and more.

BLMJ: The Trusted Multi-Jet Solution

Discover the BLMJ, North America's standard in multi-jet measurement. With exceptional sensitivity to leaks and microflows, it can measure flow as low as 1/8 gallon per minute. Its unique measurement chamber design ensures accuracy and remains unaffected by common particulates and build-up. Trusted in millions of installations, the BLMJ offers reliable, long-lasting accuracy and effortless usability.

Allegro AMI Fixed Network

Allegro™ is a branded suite of AMI communication technologies from Master Meter. Allegro helps address a problem that utilities often face when considering AMI – regardless of a particular utility’s nuances and deployment challenges, the same ‘one size fits all’ AMI radio choice is pushed by a vendor. It brings to mind the adage, ‘when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.’ We believe that a mix and match approach of different underlying communication technologies which share a common endpoint design is a highly efficient and cost-effective approach that delivers the greatest results.

That’s why we’ve developed a toolbox full of choices in communication tech. ALLEGRO LICENSED (ideal for densely populated areas), ALLEGRO CELLULAR (ideal for remote areas or the entire city), ALLEGRO IOT (a LoRa-based smart choice for smart cities), and ALLEGRO SMARTGRID (our GridLinx endpoint that piggybacks water meters onto the Landis & Gyr GridStream electric smart grid without additional infrastructure).


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