Our Water Infrastructure Services

Whether you need emergency plumbing support, valve insertion, updated meter technology, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

Keeping West Texas Cities' Water Running

We've got 100+ years of Texas expertise. Our water solutions are unmatched, day or night. Ready to embrace the peace of mind that comes with top products, seamless valve insertion, 24/7 emergency support, and smart meter tech? Elevate your water infrastructure with Premier Waterworks.

24/7 Emergency Service

Count on Premier Waterworks anytime, day or night. Our 24/7 emergency services ensure uninterrupted water solutions. Our team of experts responds swiftly to keep your community water access flowing. With us, reliability is a guarantee. Your water system is always in safe hands.

Valve Insertion

Say goodbye to water shutdowns. Revolutionize water system expansion with Premier Waterworks. Our cutting-edge valve insertion service transforms projects, eliminating disruptions. We offer a streamlined approach that simplifies your project and minimizes inconvenience. Improve your infrastructure with the future of valve technology.

Hot Taps

Level up your water infrastructure with Premier Waterworks' advanced hot taps. Seamlessly connect pipelines without service interruptions. Our team will efficiently expand your system with precision and reliability. Experience the future of water solutions through our expert hot tap technology.

Gas Chlorination Installation & Repair

Discover unmatched water treatment excellence with Premier Waterworks. Our gas chlorination installation and repair service ensures pristine water quality. Experience seamless disinfection and safeguard your community. Trust our expertise to maintain and optimize your water systems for a healthier, safer tomorrow.

Meter Testing

Uncover precise water management. Our meter testing service ensures accurate measurements and informed decisions. From fair billing to resource optimization, our experts guarantee operational efficiency. Trust in our industry-leading solutions to enhance your water system's performance and reliability for a brighter future.

Your Reliable Water Infrastructure Partner in West Texas

No matter the scope of your water system needs, Premier Waterworks is here to help. Let us streamline your water infrastructure, improve efficiency, and ensure uninterrupted service for your community. Schedule a free consultation today and experience a stress-free approach to water system management.


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